Kamis, 04 Desember 2008

notebook murah

Trend Web sites' notebook murah social networking '(social networks) now runs all the Internet area, with the exception of those who do not access it from the PDA. This gives the idea of making notebook murah Facebook for Blackberry. Software applications will use the email features for access to Facebook. With so Facebook users can access Facebook, receive email and update it automatically, invite friends to join Facebook to upload photos on Facebook, reading and writing messages, even though conditions in the offline. New messages written in offline kondid this will be included in the list for delivery and then sent back when notebook murah the PDA connected with the Internet. In this case, T-Mobile will be the first provider of this service to BlackBerry. Applications can also be obtained through downloads on the web site Facebook. In San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder InformationWeek to emphasize that cooperation with the BlackBerry is a new step as a symbol of status and class, this may be far notebook murah different image with Facebook itself is a social networking site, this reflects a line between consumer applications , The interests of product features and services. Facebook is one of the web site which is developing notebook murah very rapidly among BlackBerry users, hence the RIMs want to share together in realizing the vision of mobility and communication development of the social networking itself.