Kamis, 04 Desember 2008

notebook murah bergaransi

In addition to notebook murah information and entertainment center, the Internet is also a medium that is very easy for us to share data with friends, family and colleagues. But it does not mean the CD and DVD murah have become a part of the past. How much is not blank CD? CD / DVD can also be used anywhere. In addition, notebook almost all media writer CD / DVD is available now only need the time to write a very tangible. Moreover, if the application is supported by the right. Below, is 5 application to become a favorite of visitors Lifehacker. Notebook murah Let's study one by one. InfraRecorder (Windows) InfraRecorder (IR) is an application writer CD / DVD, open-source for Windows. IR can notebook murah meet almost all optical needs, including writing content to a CD / DVD, copy the notebook murah CD / DVD, create audio CDs, video writing, to remove content CD / DVD, and notebook murah others. In addition, the memory needed IR is also very small. IR is also available in portable versions that you can take the cable. ImgBurn (Windows / Linux) ImgBurn (IB) can be assumed as a Swiss knife versatile. IB can write data to and from murah various formats such as CD audio, ISO, video, DVD and even HD-DVD and Blu-ray. In addition, IB can also notebook change the image into a CD. IB is fast, easy to use and does not require any cost sepeser. This application is still actively developed by a team that had created the application DVD Decrypter very popular. K3B (Linux) K3B (which is the abbreviation of KDEBurn Baby Burn) is an open-source applications for Linux. The same as the application other K3B notebook murah provide the standard functions such as CD audio, data, image and copy the CD / DVD. For movie lovers, K3B can even me-you to rip DVD hard drive (HD) format in DivX or Xvid. If you use the Linux operating system, K3B really is the application of optical most popular. CDBurnerXP (Windows) CDBurnerXP (CDBXP) is a free software specifically for Windows. Although the notebook murah name using the term "XP", the application can still work on Vista, 2000, 2003 and XP server itself. Not only the CD / DVD, CDBXP also allows for HD DVD and Blu-ray. A little more, fiturnya similar to ImgBurn, but it requires. NET Framework 3.5. Nero (Windows / Linux) Nero 9 may be the one that most applications we know (and one of the most dibajak many). Many critics complained that the latest Nero and the large size (370MB to download, requires a 2GB hard disk and the installation of a long time). But the fans argues that users can install the actual part that they need so that it does not need the capacity is too large. 9 Nero is a shareware for U.S. $ 80 (the pilot for free here) and specifically for Windows (requires. NET 3.0). Linux users can try Nero Linux worth U.S. $ 25. Ok, which is your favorite? Or is there another opinion? Please utarakan freely in the comments below. Update: Additional aerialsky BurnAware Free Applications burning a simple, clean with easy navigation but the rich features. A free version of the format it supports Blu-ray disc, can also burn an ISO file to. Free & No adware, Spyware, or banner!