Kamis, 04 Desember 2008

notebook murah toshiba

Usually notebook murah after pressing the button "Power" on the PC notebook murah you will have enough time to menyeduh a cup of coffee or tea due to the length of time needed by your computer to boot. Moreover notebook murah if your PC has a myriad applications that automatically light notebook murah it may be notebook murah other than coffee notebook murah you can not make a bath and breakfast first.
Without increasing the performance of the hardware is significant notebook murah not much you can do to speed up boot Windows. But there are still ways to accelerate the time needed by the desktop to achieve the conditions "are ready to work." Let's see some way below both the ability to use the already available and applications from the outside.

When you install a new application on your computer lately notebook murah not a few are directly appointed himself a startup program; either for the upgrade or just to remind users that the application has been installed as an icon on the bottom right of PC applications such as Skype chat .

The problem appears when you install many applications that are used infrequently notebook murah but they still appear on the startup process notebook murah this is eating CPU cycles notebook murah memory and time. How easy is it work remove applications that you are not using.
Remove All Startup Items
Although many programs that can clean up the application startup notebook murah you can actually do it manually without the use of additional applications.

Places best notebook murah safest and most basic to start doing this is the group program "Startup" in the "Start Menu" of Windows. Mouse to navigate the "Startup" and see what the program appears. Right-click on a program that does not need to be active during startup and select "delete".

After the process notebook murah time spent moment Pamungkas. Windows can also automatically activate the program from other places. Click the Start Menu notebook murah choose "Run" and type "msconfig" and press [ENTER] to enter into the functions of the Windows system configuration. Move to the tab "Startup" to see a more comprehensive list of what the lights automatically. Try to see the appearance below.
The list is indeed visible complex and confusing. What is "ctfmon" or "RTHDCPL"? Column "command" that sometimes contains the location of the application notebook murah sometimes can also provide instructions on the contents of the application. As usual notebook murah Google will always be your friend in a situation like this.

From here you can remove the check on the application that you do not want to light on the startup process. Do not remove the check on the application that you do not understand notebook murah start the application that you know and not used. For example notebook murah If you are not heavy users of iTunes or Quicktime notebook murah but the application is actually terinstalasikan on the PC to use sometimes notebook murah you can remove the check mark on "QTTask" and "iTunesHelper" and the second this application will no longer appear automatically when Me-you restart the computer.

You can turn on the second application to visit again with "msconfig" and do the process again. Using "msconfig" it requires a little courage and knowledge of the Windows user. However notebook murah there are other ways to do the same process by using third-party applications and application-cleaning application.
Download the Windows Program Optimization
Actually there are many other applications that have the ability to manage "startup" notebook murah but let's look at two of the best course.

CCleaner (which is the abbreviation of "Cleaner crap") can check your system for many of the excess and menyingkirkannya. Click the "Tools" notebook murah then the "Startup" to achieve. As you see notebook murah this application offers more information from the "msconfig" at the top and can help provide an explanation of the program. You can disable and delete everything from startup to use these buttons.
If you do not want to install other software to clean your system notebook murah System Explorer comes in the portable version with "manager startup" feature-rich notebook murah complete with the registry notebook murah the virus talker online notebook murah and even a Google search for the file name. On the tab "system" notebook murah click the tab "startup" to see what light automatically on your PC. Barikut is displayed:
As you see notebook murah with only right-click notebook murah you can direct the registry editor or do a search on Google ProcessLibrary.com or for an application. In addition notebook murah the manufacturer of the program and path to the files also included notebook murah offer more information about an application and what can you do to turn them off.

Ccleaner and SystemExplorer In addition notebook murah there is still more alternati as MZ Ultimate Tweaker and RegToy.
The delay Startup Applications
Of course notebook murah not only one program that resulted in slow startup of your PC notebook murah but it is the cumulative result of all. You can check the list of startup and realize if you need it all. But you may not need to start all at the same time when you want to check the email in Outlook or to report a hurry.

Application Startup Delayer can delay the process "startup" applications ranging from 20 seconds notebook murah a few minutes notebook murah even up to hours so you can start working while you start the PC all the startup program gradually. If for example we do not need the Java Updater to start each time the PC boots notebook murah we can delay the startup of this program a few minutes after the PC boots.
Do not Believe the Myth
Many myths notebook murah errors and perceptions instructions on how to accelerate the process of booting the PC outstanding. You must be careful in its slice and dice the truth. If you learn more about the online tips for optimizing Windows notebook murah you will find a way of removing paging Well notebook murah clean the registry notebook murah set for the use of core PC manually notebook murah and many more other tips. Before you do notebook murah I try to check a very interesting article about the myth of Windows optimization Lifehacker.