Senin, 29 Oktober 2007

Fast Weight Loss Through Thinking Thin!

Jeff Smith
This time you are serious about achieving fast weight loss?You're heading out on a big trip, and you've glanced at thelatest South Beach Diet book to see if this just might be the answer to your prayers.Fast weight loss is achieveable, but so is long-term weightloss.There's nothing worse than losing 5 pounds, only to gain itback within 4 weeks. So how do you summon the focus to begin fast weight loss and the dedication to stick with itfor the long-term?Overcoming most challenges in life depend on having the right mental attitude, beliefs and motivation. Here are 4 steps you can use to set the foundation for fastweight loss:1. Understand Pain Versus PleasureMost behaviors in life occur either because we are trying to avoid pain or achieve pleasure. In fact, our opinion of how painful or how pleasurable something is has a major impact on our committment andactions.So, your chance of achieving fast weight loss is much greaterif you can focus on the pain of NOT losing weight. What if you don't succeed? What will your friends, familyand others think of you if you don't experience fast weightloss? How will you feel tomorrow, the next day and the next if youcontinue to pack on the pounds. Then, imagine what losing 2 pounds per week could mean to you in just 1-month? Imagine how much energy and vitalityyou could experience with your fast weight loss? Actuallypicture yourself looking in the mirror and seeing someonewho you strive to be. Build your own pain pleasure scale to help you stay motivated.2. Find a buddy or twoFinding others who have experienced fast weight loss to help you along the way is so important to your eventual success.Not everyone requires as much external support as the other, but we all - as human beings - strive for external supportof our goals, beliefs and actions.Fast weight loss support can come from someone in your neighborhood, a weight loss support group, online weightloss forums and membership sites, weight loss books, orhealth and fitness coaches. 3. Weight Gain TriggersYour fast weight loss goals will be helped along by understandingthe reality and emotional triggers of what causes weight gain.For example, weight gain is a natural and standard experienceof hitting middle age. Similarly, common weight gain triggers involve stress, unhappiness, frustration, lack of control, etc...A suggestion is to keep a log of your feelings and what you eat for 2-weeks prior to dieting.Call it your fast weight loss journal!Everytime you eat something, no matter how small, make a logentry and write down your thoughts and what led to those thoughts.I think you will be surprised to see what triggers your over-eating.4. Get Busy and Get RelaxedMake exercise and relaxation a key part of your fast weightloss program.You need to stay positive, feel good, achieve progress - abig part of that is your emotional and chemical body state.By exercising, you release pleasurable endorphins into yourbrain - in a sense, pleasure of exercise becomes addictive.Meditation will take a little longer to show results, butyou really can control the negative factors in life thatoften jeopardize your fast weight loss goals.Fast weight loss is within your reach. Follow these foursteps and enjoy your newfound power and freedom to look leenand feal better.About the author:Discover the Ultimate Weight Loss Resource Center. You Really Can Lose MORE Weight FASTER -- and keep it off. Find our more about Weight Loss programs, products, diets, recipes, pills and more...Right here: